Positions open:

1. Cleanup artist (see also this post) – Editor Test: MF
2. Typesetter
3. Japanese-to-English translator

Send an email to mujintou.scans [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to apply. Make sure to mark our email address as “not-spam.” In general, we try to respond to all emails within 24 to 36 hours, so if you don’t hear back from us in 2 or 3 days, check your junk/spam folders. If it isn’t there, send us another email or leave a comment here.

23 responses to “Recruitment

  1. I work as proofreader at one scanlator group. So I could help if you wish. :D

    • Thank you for your offer, but we’re currently not looking for a proofreader. If you know Japanese and/or want to work as QC, however, we might recruit you.

  2. What does a QC does? I can’t clean, but I can typeset.

    • QC = Quality Check, i.e. the person who saves all the .psd files to .png and makes sure the chapter is ready for release. As for typesetting, we already have one so we’re not looking for another one.

  3. Hi all concerned,

    I would like to apply as a back-up clean up artist because I love this project!! Am a little new to PS, but here’s some work I’ve done on raws.



  4. do you need another cleaner?? if you still need a cleaner i would like to apply too, haha because i really like Yakumo ^^

    Here is the second page of the cleaning test you posted before :

    And also, if you want to have a small online reading website, i have a domain it’s just a small web and still empty, the capacity is around 1 GB if you want to use that contact me, but well the URL is, idk if that can be changed.

    My e-mail is zero_kiryuu.vampire[at]yahoo[dot]

    • Hello tadityar! Thanks for all the offering you’re doing! XD We sent you an email, so if you could check that out and respond to that for further details, that’d be great :).

  5. I WISH I could help out. This is my favorite manga. Thank you for all of the amazing releases. I don’t know how to proofread or clean projects and such, neither do I have the applications for it. I am only a writer. I write stories and such. If you ever need my help, feel free to email me. Goodluck with future projects. Can’t wait for the next release!

  6. Hi! Are you guys still looking for a cleanup artist? :)

  7. Hi, I sent an e-mail about three days ago, (I’m the one who forgot to attach the files) I sent a new e-mail, (with the files) but there’s still no reply. I just read that after three days with no reply I should send a new e-mail or write here, so I’m writing here, hoping you’ll see it:D
    Sorry for the trouble I may have brought.

    • Yes! We did get the email, and I assume our main cleanup artist Lito has seen as well, but she is busy with college apps, so it might take her a while to get back to you. (I think it’s getting close to college app deadlines…) Thanks for poking us, and don’t be afraid to poke us again if we still don’t respond by our next release!

  8. Okay, thank you for the reply, I’ll try by the next release if there’s still no answer. :P Thank you for being so understanding.

  9. I sent in an application for cleaning to the email :) I hope you got it

  10. To mujintou scans

    Today at 3:22 PM

    Thank you for all the hard work you all have done, I really love the manga Shinrei Tantei Yakumo! and I would like to no if you are working on other manga as well I would love to read them also , I have watch the anime and thought it was really well done but the manga it self is a lot different then the anime and I can’t wait to see how it will end. I wish you all good health and Thank you again ! Keep up the good work everyone ! I am just a fan of all manga and your doing a GREAT JOB !!!

    • Thank you for your kind comment!

      Our group isn’t working on other manga at the moment, and we don’t have plans to do so either. Our focus is Yakumo ;)

  11. are you still looking for clean up artist. I’m currently between jobs and want to keep up my photoshop skills. This would be a great way to do that. I have complete td the black and white clean up test and can send them to you. Just let me know how you want them sent.

  12. I can translate from chinese to english if you need :)

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