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Yakumo Cast Talk DVD

Hey Yakumo fans, we don’t have a chapter for you, but we have re-uploaded the cast talk DVDs we mentioned in our last post:



(link updated with decrypted version)

Again, we’re not a fansub group, so we won’t be subbing them. If you want to sub them, go for it. Just credit GlitteringLoke for the raws and let us know if you ever sub them!

We’re working on File 05.08. The translation is done, so we’re waiting on cleaned scans. Loke has also started scanning File 05.09. In other news, the manga itself has returned from hiatus in the magazine; it’s at File 06.11. We have quite a ways to go… ;A;

Update on Yakumo status

I’m terribly sorry that it’s taking us so long for File 05.07!! I’m afraid some of you will be disappointed that this update doesn’t contain a new release, but I wanted to drop a note saying that WE’RE WORKING ON IT. A lot of the pages are done, but we have only one cleaner working on the monstrously long chapter, and it might take a while yet. If anyone wants to help with the cleaning, please apply!

Thank you so much for your patience T^T

Regarding Yakumo Releases By Another Group

Dear all,

It has come to my attention that some people have been harassing another scanlation group regarding their Yakumo releases. Please leave them alone. We are aware of their releases, and we had discussed among our staff that we would continue with our releases. We apologize that our releases have been slow, but we’re terribly understaffed. (We are recruiting, so please let us know if you want to help.) We are grateful that people continue to support our releases despite our slow speed, but we would be even more grateful if our supporters act with respect toward other scanlation groups. Thank you.


Status Update

Apologies for the delay with Yakumo 04.06. Our main editor had been swamped with the end of the school year in May, and our typesetter is currently swamped with university work. Translation for 04.06 is done, and editing should be in progress. We have the raws for 04.07, and translation is in progress. We’ll try to get the chapters out asap, but no promises… Thank you for your understanding. If you want to help out, check out the Recruitment page!

*delayed* File 04.02

Our clean-up artist lost her Photoshop program, so we have a major setback in our release this month (and beyond). If you want to help, please send an email to mujintou.scans at gmail. This is a rather urgent issue.
Solved – thank you!

Updated Links

I’ve just updated all the DDL links for Files 02.02-03.08 as someone pointed out that a lot of the old links were dead. Since this was a massive upload/update task, let me know if some links point to the wrong file, etc. I checked while I was uploading and copy-pasting, but mistakes can still happen.


We’re recruiting for the following positions:

1. Cleanup artist: See this post for further information. Please follow the instructions in that post!

2. Japanese-to-English translator: Able to translate ~30 pages of Japanese to English every month. Should be fluent in both languages so that grammar issues in English is minimal.

Please send an email to mujintou.scans at gmail dot com if you’re interested in any of these positions. If you’re applying for the translator position, you will be tested, and you must be able to demonstrate the ability to phrase your translation in English such that it sounds like what an English speaker would say as opposed to a literal translation. We do not have someone to edit for grammar or fluency issues. We don’t have a limit on how many people we’re recruiting.