Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 05.08

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File 05.08 – MF

We live! You can also see our updated status bar. We’re working hard!

21 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 05.08

  1. SO glad to have you living!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Thank you so much :) ,actually Yakumo in this chapter is so sexy :3.

  4. Welcome back! Thank you for the new chapter.

  5. Thank you for the new chapter and for working on the others!

  6. YASSSSSSS! xD I’m SO happy!!
    Thank you for your hard work~ <3

    • Kai The Typesetter

      Thanks for taking your time to comment to every chapter ^^

      • Wha- *blushes* you’re welcome!
        Oh and btw… I know he’s villanous, creepy and all, but… I really find Yakumo’s dad strangely hot *hides*
        Thank you again <3

      • Kai The Typesetter

        Well. Before the thought that Yaku-dad might be hot even occurs to me, he creeps the hell out of me XD;;;

  7. Ana Maria Maz de Diaz

    So glad you are a live. And thank you for you hard work. I’m sooo happy for the new chapter!!!

  8. Ohhhh! thanks for the chapter. I watched the anime years ago, and saw that a chapter was released today so I decided to read everything.
    And it’s really good: better than the anime, the drawings are amazing.
    Do you know when you’ll release the next chapter?
    I just saw that there is ~60-70 chapters.
    Before learning that, I thought the manga had gone past the anime but it hadn’t. Really happy to learn that it actually show what happen after the anime (just can’t read it since it’s still in Japanese).

    • We’re working hard, but we’re very limited by the individual staff schedule, so we don’t know for sure when we’ll release the next chapter. Generally cleaning takes the longest. We try to keep the status bar near the top of the page updated, so hopefully that’ll give you a better sense of when the next release is coming. :’)

  9. OK! thanks for answering!!
    Well the status bar wasn’t updated since 05/01. ^^
    But do you have an approximate ETA for the next one?

    • No promises, but we might have the next release by June. It’s only been 2 days since 05/01 – we work in our free time, so we don’t usually make significant progress so quickly. Sometimes it might take a week for a chapter to get translated, for example, so please be patient! If there’s no update to the status bar, it’s most likely because we’ve been busy with the more pressing parts of our lives (the parts that pay the bills!) :)

  10. Aidee C. Gomez Rios

    Thank you thank you!!! I buy the Manga in my country but they stopped the publication because we already are at volumen 9 and I can’t wait to continue reading it.

  11. So glad to see you alive!
    A new Yakumo chapter always feels a bit like a Christmas present.
    Thanks a lot !

  12. Thank you tahnk youuu

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