Yakumo Cast Talk DVD

Hey Yakumo fans, we don’t have a chapter for you, but we have re-uploaded the cast talk DVDs we mentioned in our last post:



(link updated with decrypted version)

Again, we’re not a fansub group, so we won’t be subbing them. If you want to sub them, go for it. Just credit GlitteringLoke for the raws and let us know if you ever sub them!

We’re working on File 05.08. The translation is done, so we’re waiting on cleaned scans. Loke has also started scanning File 05.09. In other news, the manga itself has returned from hiatus in the magazine; it’s at File 06.11. We have quite a ways to go… ;A;


3 responses to “Yakumo Cast Talk DVD

  1. Thank you!! And a great day!!

  2. I want to watch but it needs a key ^^” you didn’t share all the link
    And thanks for sharing :)

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