Update on Yakumo status

I’m terribly sorry that it’s taking us so long for File 05.07!! I’m afraid some of you will be disappointed that this update doesn’t contain a new release, but I wanted to drop a note saying that WE’RE WORKING ON IT. A lot of the pages are done, but we have only one cleaner working on the monstrously long chapter, and it might take a while yet. If anyone wants to help with the cleaning, please apply!

Thank you so much for your patience T^T

4 responses to “Update on Yakumo status

  1. I don’t mind helping ^^’ I’m a cleaner working for another group so I cant be a full time member, but if its to help with half the pages I have time for it :3

  2. Greetings Mujintou groups, I saw the shinrei tantei series status stated as hiatus at volume 12. Are u guys already reach that volume or still long way to go?

    Thank you :)

    • We still have a bit to go before we reach the hiatus state :) I don’t know exactly what chapters that is, but I’m pretty sure I have more than 10 asuka books to scan :)

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