Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 05.03

6039_originalToday is the 4th year anniversary of mujintou and our typesetter Kai’s birthday!! Our staff pulled all-nighters to bring you this release, so please thank them for their hard work!!

File 05.03 – MF

We’re falling over, but we shall aim for a Christmas release next.

19 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 05.03


    Thank you for more Yakumo.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, happy birthday to Kai, and happy anniversary!

  3. Happy 4th Anniversary~!!
    Thank you for your all hardwork <3

  4. Happy 4th Anniversary Mujintou!!! Happy Birthday to Kai!! =) Thanks so much for all your hard work! =)

  5. Happy anniversary! Thank you all for being so dedicated to this project for so long, I’m grateful. And happy birthday Kai! I hope you managed to spend it well.

  6. Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday to Kai and thanks for the release :D

  7. For various reasons, very late to the party, but, regardless, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HARD WORK ALSO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

  8. Happy Birthday Kai and Happy Anniversary Mujintou!!! :D
    And thank you so much for all the hard work! :)

  9. thank you for this new chapter and all your hard work!! happy anniversary and happy birthday to kai…. Keep up the good work..

  10. thank you! Happy birthday to kai and all the best to moujintou :)

    Thank you for the new chap~ Keep up the good work!!

  12. Thanks very much and happy birthday!

  13. thanks ya guys. I really appreciate on it. Happy 4th anniversary mujintou and happy birthday Kay-san. :D
    Damn, I can’t believe it’s already the 4th year, though I haven’t followed u guys for that long. I wish u guys good luck and thank you guys for all the chapters. Good job and keep it up. ;)

  14. Happy Ann!!!
    And Happy Birthday Kai !!!
    Thanks for all your hard work, all of you are amazing!!!

  15. thank you so much:)

  16. Lovely, lovely people! Thank YOU for being our support! ^_^

  17. Thank you for the release!!!! Happy Anniversary too! Love you all!

  18. Happy Anniversary mujintou! and happy birthday Kai! :) Thank you also for this release :)

  19. Happy anniversary Mujintou ♥♥! Happy birthday Kai! Thank you guys so much for this release! ♥

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