Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 04.08


File 04.08

We thought it might be nice to do a double-release to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary but alas we didn’t quite make it. So we shall aim to get back on a regular schedule instead. Thanks for sticking with us!


22 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 04.08

  1. Just really glad that you are back with a new chapter!! =)

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks for the release! If you’re looking for a typesetter or proofreader for Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, I can help with that! I have experience as a typesetter and I’ve been speaking English all my life!

  4. Thank you !

  5. Thanks a bunch!!

  6. thank you!

  7. yeay new chapter! Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you so much, and happy belated anniversary! ^.^

  9. Thank youuuu and Happy Birthday:)

  10. Happy Anniversary~ <3! Thanks for the new chapter!

  11. Thank you so much for the new releases. It makes my day special every time I can read a new Yakumo chapter. :D

    Happy belated Anniversary! *throws confetti, bonbons and chocolate cookies for the wholes stuff*

    Wow three years is it already. Time sure does fly. ;) Hopefully there will be many more years to come with you. :)

  12. Happy Anniversary!! xD And thank you so much for the release!!
    Ahahah is Yakumo’s expression one of excitement or sudden anguish in the promo pic? ;)
    It’s been a hard week, but seeing Yakumo’s face cheers me up. Thank you :)

  13. Thanks so much for the update, and happy belated anniversary!

  14. thank you for the release!!!! >o<

  15. Thank you guys! You are the best!! Have waited patiently for the next release. I will enjoy it. For the next release, take you time. Don’t worry, we will wait. :D

    Happy 3rd year anniversary, by the way. :D

  16. I was so confused when my manga notification showed Yakumo was updated, but didn’t get a news email from you guys >_< Someone came out w/ the next file before you…but I'm gonna be patient… and gonna wait until you guys come out with yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Thanks a lot!

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