Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 04.07

04.07 previewShort chapter this time: File 04.07

Short chapters: great for scanlators, terrible for readers.

Other important news: we’re not sure when File 04.08 will be ready as we have some staff availability issues that we’re still trying to sort out. We would love your help on scan cleaning/editing/redrawing!

20 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 04.07

  1. thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks a lot for the new release!!

  3. Thank you so much! ^.^

  4. Thanks for the chapter, lol “Short chapters: great for scanlators, terrible for readers.” I laughed to loudly and woke up my niece.

  5. thanks a lot :) A lovely start for September with the lovely Takumo

  6. Thanks for the scanlation!

  7. Thank you!! Haha… yeah, Yakumo run away! :D

  8. So short……. I know, I am a bad person.. Wanting more is evil.. Be patient, me. Thank you

  9. Lol! Thanks for the scans <3!

  10. Very short indeed… But that’s not your fault, plus all the previous chapters had on average 30 pages so we don’t have the right to complain xD And you always put a funny promo pic, HOW could anyone even think of complaining?? :D
    I’m sorry I don’t have any experience in any of the position required… as a matter of fact, I lack experience in scanlations in general ^^”” I could only translate from english to my language, which is rather useless…
    By the way, my dear Yakumo-kun. my hottie. You still don’t understand? There’s NO place where you can hide from us. We fangirls will haunt you more than ghosts do, remember <3

  11. Thanks for the new chapter. I look forward to finding out what Yakumo discovered and how Ishii-san fares in the coming chapter. I appreciate all your work to share this story.

  12. WAHHHH!! Fabulous cleaning work again :’D -fangirls over litoxpinky-

  13. Well, the promo pics are always my favourite part about STY releases. Haha! Thank you for the release. Yup, when it’s short it’s agony for the reader but heaven for the scanlator.

  14. Wish I could help out. I hope the staff problem gets shorted out soon. Short or not, thank you for the new chapter.

  15. Thank you very much!

  16. Thank you very much! <3

  17. It doesn’t matter as long we get something. Thanks anyway. :D

  18. If you still need help, I think I can clean the manga, but I’m horrible at re-drawing =(

  19. *coff* Ehm… Yakumo-kun?… I… sort of… well, I miss you <3

  20. Thanks so much for this chapter!

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