Status Update

Apologies for the delay with Yakumo 04.06. Our main editor had been swamped with the end of the school year in May, and our typesetter is currently swamped with university work. Translation for 04.06 is done, and editing should be in progress. We have the raws for 04.07, and translation is in progress. We’ll try to get the chapters out asap, but no promises… Thank you for your understanding. If you want to help out, check out the Recruitment page!

11 responses to “Status Update

  1. Thanks for leaving us with an update! it’s completely understandable when you’re swamped with work, hope you all survive it. We’ll just patiently wait for a chapter until then!

  2. do you need help on the typesetting? because I’m willing to do so!! OvO
    but my skills are limited though…..

  3. Thank you so much. I patiently look forward to reading the next chapter whenever you have it ready. I have been re-reading the whole series starting over from the beginning (I even went back and re-read the two earlier manga volumes by Miyako Ritsu-san) and I was just up to your translation of file2 chapter 4 when our power went out. Now that my power is back on I wanted to peek over here before returning to that chapter. I appreciate that I can keep up with this story thanks to your hard work.

  4. I wish you good results <3

  5. Don’t worry! ^^ This has been a hard time for everyone… End of schools/lessons, university exams… You shouldn’t apologize, you always give us awesome chapters (perfectly understandable translation, great quality & more), so the wait is a very little price to pay for your work :) Btw thanks for the update, I always get anxious when my favourite scanlator groups suddenly stop the release, too many times I found out later that the projects had been abandoned / the group “disbanded” and now I think I have some kind of phobia :S Sorry I wrote too much! ^^” Thanks again for everything! <3

  6. Thank you guys so much for the work that you do!! :)

  7. hey ! i just want to say thank you for give us some notice . well im sort of fan for shinrei tantei yakumo so i always wait for new chapters , i understand & hope that you all can complete your hardwork, thank you ! please don’t abandon yakumo’s manga series , i love you guys ~

  8. It dosen’t matter how long you use, guys! We are all very grateful for your work. Thank you very much! Keep it up! :D

  9. I’m writing this only out of boredom… Sorry if this isn’t the right place but I wanted to share my thoughts with the fandom^^ (and sorry for my pitiful english)
    Today I received a flyer advertising a sort of a ‘movie club’, where members planned a certain number of encounters to watch and discuss art films. And you know what’s been the first thing I thought of? “I might drop by, in case there’s any stunning guy with heterochromia, half asleep in the corner, who claims that the filming room is actually “his” room and we’re invading his private spaces”.
    I’m prepared to bring a collar and handcuffs, just in case. If there’s a Yakumo-like guy, I’m NOT returning home alone.

  10. Thanks so much for the update! I have had the same experience, with stories being abandoned, when I was under the impression that they were still working on it, so I really appreciate you taking the time for updating us. Also, it’s very logical that you guys have lots of stuff to do outside the virtual world. I hope that the work load of school or whatever life brings you, is not to hard on you guys. Keep up the good work!

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