Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 04.03

04.03 promo

File 04.03 – MF

New staff on board to bring you more Yakumo!

24 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 04.03

  1. Thanks a bunch for the release!! And welcome the new staff!! :D

  2. TY for this release!! Next chapter looks like it’s a doozy!! Welcome to the new staff of Mujintou!! ^_^

  3. Thank you so much!
    And hello new staff! :)

  4. i had a really rough day yesterday and last night wasn’t easy either but waking up to this update made me very happy. Thank you, I’m even more grateful than usual! and thank you to whoever’s joined your team for helping out.

  5. OMG Yakumo-kun actually blushing?? If I were Haruka I’d die of a heart attack :Q____
    Thank you for brightening my day with the release! Aaaand… welcome to the new staff, you’re my superheroes!! :3

  6. Thank you for all your hard work!

  7. tons of thanks for the release!!!!!

  8. Thanks so much for the new release!! :D

  9. Thank you for the release!

  10. Thank you! You guys are awesome, and I love you all! :-)

  11. THAT promo pic. *laughs* I love the added blush. Thank you for this!

  12. Thanks! You are great!

  13. Thanks so much for this and 04.02!

  14. Excuse me, I have a question. The cover pic for this chapter, it shows on the bottom left corner a volume with the #6. Does it say that volume 6 is now available or will be available? I just wanted to know because I have no clue what volume we are on right now.

  15. WOOO!! -litoxpinky fangirl- WOWZERS! You guys have got yourself some beautiful staff members :’DD

  16. Welcome new staff, thanks for helping scanlate Yakumo, and thank you guys for the new chapter. Love the picture for this entry by the way. If only that could happen in the manga. :D

  17. I convinced a friend of mine to read this manga. Actually it wasn’t that difficult. When she asked me how the plot was, I got myself a little time to think about what to say without too many spoilers, and meanwhile I showed her a picture of Yakumo-kun.
    When I began to tell her the plot, she interrupted me saying: “It’s fine, you’ve already convinced me” and pointing to the picture :P

    • Lol, Yakumo IS pretty convincing :D Like…. on the cover page of file 3-10.
      Or 2-7. XD I really love how the manga-ka “abuses” him into sexy poses whenever she has the opportunity XDDD

  18. *^_^* That cover pic is ….*^_^* so very nice. Yakumo is drawn the yummiest.

  19. What is this?

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