*delayed* File 04.02

Our clean-up artist lost her Photoshop program, so we have a major setback in our release this month (and beyond). If you want to help, please send an email to mujintou.scans at gmail. This is a rather urgent issue.
Solved – thank you!

10 responses to “*delayed* File 04.02

  1. Hi I’m a super fan of yakumo and I want to help… I never edited a manga before but I already search how to do it and I’m a quick learner … I have (and know how to use it ) Photoshop and other edition programs so maybe I can help…. Thanks for your good work … XD

  2. Any updates for the year?

  3. Yup, where are you Yakumo-kun? I miss you sooo much, my dear, introverted, cynical, social misfit sexy psychic detective…

  4. Waiting forward to the chapter, keep up the good work! :)

  5. Waaaa… seeing latest status box has changed, makes me relieved.
    Thank you for being still alive and for all of your hard work

  6. ^ same here. so glad to read it :)

  7. Same here, too! c:

  8. Here to thank you for the translation, I know it’s difficult to release chapters regularly :) Just so you know that your effort is well appreciated

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