Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 03.12

File 03.12 – MF | online reader

We’re so understaffed that it’s a domino effect if one person is really busy. So we apologize for the delay, but you can help us! Check out this recruitment post. Don’t be afraid to send us a second email if we somehow missed or forgot to respond to your email within a few days – we won’t ever ignore any mails!

Our next release won’t be till September, as we are all pretty burned out. If the manga-ka can take a summer vacation, we decided we can too. We hope you understand. So unless we have a dozen new recruits to help move things along, we’ll return in September with the next case of Yakumo!

18 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 03.12

  1. thanks for your work; hope you’ll find someone to help

  2. Maybe you could partner with another group to help out? Saikcow often seems like its interested in works like these. Anyway, thanks for the release :D

  3. Thank you very much for all your team’s hard work! I hope you guys find more help, I’d love to help but have no skills of any kind, sadly. D:

    You guys do deserve a break! And I think it’s fine that you all get one.

  4. Thank You for releasing the chapter =)

  5. Thank you very very much for your hard work! :D finally file03 is end~, and about summer-vacation I think you all need it too. Hope you can find more help soon! ><
    And Yakumo-san, what that are you speak out? you're future??? hahahaha~

  6. It’s so late ’till september! but anyway I’m glad you posted this chapter, I can’t wait to read the new file!

  7. wow, finally! thank you so much for the release, and i agree that u guys should take a break :D

  8. and keep up the good work!! wish i could help, but i cant work on that much of pages and my editing is bad n i have trouble choosing fonts :/
    though, if its just the promo pic i can make it for u XD

  9. Thanks very much for the hard work you put into this release!!

    I hope you guys have a relaxing break. You deserve it for bringing us such high-quality scans!

  10. Thank you very much! Please enjoy your vacation :)

  11. Thank you as always for all your wonderful work. Hope you enjoy your break! Looking forward to more already. One of those stories, I just can’t get enough of.

  12. Thanks a ton for the release!!

  13. Thank you for this translation and for working hard on this despite being understaffed.

  14. Take all the time you need. It must be tough being short staffed and I’ll patiently wait. I hope you guys get more help soon. Thank you for scanlating this chapter.

  15. thank you for shariing~!!

  16. Thanks for the chappie! ^^ You guys definitely deserve a long relaxing vacation, given all the hard work you’ve done (and unlike the manga-ka, you aren’t even paid for this)…
    Awww, so cute Yakumo… how I wish he was speaking about me <3

  17. Thank you, and please take your break without worrying about us! We can be patient if we try! ;) Also, I LOVED the teaser.

  18. Thank you very much for the chapter! I hope you enjoy your break! Don’t overwork yourselves and just know that you have loads of people supporting you. I hope you all enjoy your summer.

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