Online Readers

The Mujintou Online Reader is live! The Batoto Online Reader is also live!

Because we’ve decided to work with Batoto to host our scanlation chapters, our own online reader is only going to host the latest chapter we release. You should all thank Tas for coding and hosting! These couple months will be a test for our online reader, to see how much load the server can handle.

5 responses to “Online Readers

  1. ok, may the trial success..

  2. awesomeeeeee. i hope this works out~

  3. Just curious, but what exactly is better about Batoto that has so many scanlators switching? I know that Mangafox and the NOEZ websites have something to do with it, Right?

    I’m just wondering there’s no need to answer if you don’t feel like it. XD

    Thank you, once again, for all your awesome work, Mujintou Scans!

    • More information on MF and NOEZ here:

      Batoto is different than other online reader sites. They respect all wishes of scanlation groups and do not put thousands of ads on pages to benefit from another’s work without doing anything. The website even offers profit ads for groups who want/need money for raws, etc. Unlike Noez, Mangafox, and all of their other related sites. They have multitudes of functions that other sites have without being parasites. Scanlators enjoy more of a symbiotic relationship with Batoto; it’s by fans for fans minus the corruption.

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