Monthly Archives: November 2011

Online Readers

The Mujintou Online Reader is live! The Batoto Online Reader is also live!

Because we’ve decided to work with Batoto to host our scanlation chapters, our own online reader is only going to host the latest chapter we release. You should all thank Tas for coding and hosting! These couple months will be a test for our online reader, to see how much load the server can handle.

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 03.04

It’s Mujintou Scan’s first-year anniversary, and we have a special release and an announcement today in addition to the usual chapter:

File 03.04 – MF

First, we apologize for the delay. If you’d been following the little status column on the right, you’d have known that our cleaner had been swamped with work. We’ve acquired new cleaners to help, so hopefully future releases won’t be delayed again. To return to our previous release schedule, however, our next release will be at the end of December. It’s too much of a challenge to release another chapter at the end of this month; we hope you understand.

But to make up for that, we have a special release today, as apology and as celebration for our group’s 1-year anniversary. Our raw provider has kindly ripped the DVD specials that came with Asuka.

Yakumo Cast Talk DVD [raw] – DVD1, DVD2

We’re not a fansub group, I’m also a C->E translator not a J->E translator, and we’re swamped with other work, so I’m afraid we won’t be subbing these videos. If there is a group out there willing to sub it, by all means go for it. We just require that you credit the raw to GlitteringLoke. And let us know if you ever do sub it! We’d like to link to your website etc. No longer available.

Next, we want to announce that we will soon have our own online reader, provided by our newly hired cleaner, actually. You can take a look at the sneak preview on the new page; maybe some of you have seen it already. We’ll announce it again when it’s ready to go.

Enjoy, and we look forward to bringing you more Yakumo for the coming years!