Monthly Archives: October 2011

Re: MangaFox

It has come to our attention that MangaFox is no longer honoring certain requests by scanlators and they are reaping large profits from their site and their sister site,, which watermarks other groups’ scans as their own; see here and here for more information. We just wanted to inform our readers that our group is not responsible for uploading any of our scans to online readers sites like MangaFox. We can’t “stop” anyone from uploading our scans, and we do appreciate that our credits page have not been removed, but we would prefer if our readers obtained the scans directly from us. I personally understand the advantages of online readers over direct downloads, but unfortunately we don’t have the capability to host our own online reader. (If you know how and would like to contribute, we can certainly discuss that possibility, but this is not a promise or anything.)

On behalf of the entire Mujintou staff, I thank our readers for supporting our group and the series. Please spread the word regarding MangaFox.