Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 02.10

File 02.10 – MF

This is the end of the second case. (Damn, compared to Detective Conan, these cases are long.)

More importantly! Our cleaner used a new style for this chapter, and she wants to know if you – that’s right, you – prefer the new or the old style. In other words, compare the previous chapter and this chapter and tell us which scans you like more. It’s a tie among our staff members, so we’d like your input.

16 responses to “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo File 02.10

  1. Thank you…..!!!! Thank you very much!!

    Finally, the case ended!

  2. Thank you! I like this new way of cleaning but I also liked the old one. I’m not helping much, sorry. In my opinion, the cleaner should do whatever is easier for her.

  3. yay, thank you so much

  4. Hi!

    I like both styles of cleaning, so whichever the cleaner finds more comfortable to work with is fine ^^.

    Thanks for the chapter! I loved it :)


  6. Thank you very much for this chapter!

    As for the cleaning, I like the old style better, this one looks a little to sharpened to me..well, anyway I think the cleaner should use the style they work better with. ^ ^

  7. Hi I’m the cleaner person :). Thank you for your input thus far, but

    @ everyone so far

    Please decide and give your honest opinion, because both styles are fine (the new one is just one more short step) with me.


    Actually with the new style I de-sharpened everything a bit to make it look smoother lol..

  8. Thankyou!!!! And as for cleaning, I liked both styles so any is fine by me :)

  9. Thanks so much for the new chapter! Haha, Ishii-san’s so cute~ I wouldn’t mind Haruka being with him, except that Haruka/Yakumo is so much better.

    Even though both styles of cleaning suit me just fine, I’ll go ahead and pick since you guys really want a choice – I like the new style better. With the old one, for me, the text sort of stood out just a little bit more so that it didn’t look integrated with the image. The new style is better that way; the text looks more a part of the image. It isn’t noticeable that the image has been typeset. Not to say that the old style is bad, or anything – it was just noticeable for me. Hope my opinion’s help (:

    Thanks for the chapter again, and am looking eagerly forward to the next case! It did sound rather ominous, didn’t it? Oh, and the promo pic this time is win, too! xD

  10. Personally, both methods look nice. Whichever is easier for the cleaner is obviously the best. Done.
    Thanks for the chapter! It’s greatly appreciated! =D

  11. @ all

    Thank you for your input so far! :D

  12. Hi there! I found this manga only recently and I wanted to thank you soooooo much for translating it! You guys are great! ^___^

    And since your asking about the cleaning style, I like the old one better. Maybe it’s just personal preference and I don’t want to sound harsh, but I find the new type kinda low quality and I’ll try to explain why:
    1. The “shades” look too blurry. Reminds me of some old anime series that were tv-ripped with a bad recorder. And in my opinion, manga has always been better with not-blurry lines, shades, background and whatever else.
    2. Someone stated earlier it looked sharpened and the cleaner said the point was to look smooth. They are both right, but while it’s “softer” there are parts that stand out (like, random dots/pixels on the texture, which is not really fixable). The overall impression is that the shades are uneven and unsteady and honestly, this makes my eyes hurt (and to my disappointment, many mangas are being edited exactly in this style now.)

    My point is manga is better with clear lines, like the previous style.

    I’m really sorry, it wasn’t my intention to be harsh, rude and offending but I think in the end I do sound like that ._.

    • …’low quality’…Such a dick comment! Why write like a douchebag and then worry about whether it was too duchebaggy? LOL.

      The acute pixels in the texture do hurt my eyes, I should’ve denoised less for those; Topaz Denoise and I are newly weds…And the funky, blurry “shades” you speak of that are ‘uneven and unsteady’ are not from the new style. This time around I did not clean the shades to be perfect gradients; in the raws, overlapping of the pages occurred more often and I did not take the time to fix it.

      Call me lazy, but hey I am lazy .

      I apprecitate the time you took to share your opinion :).

      • Hey, I thought you asked for opinions. Sometimes it’s awfully hard to state your honest opinion without hurting the one asking! And I do worry because I hate criticising people exactly because I know I can only express myself like a douchebag. Besides the criticism wasn’t pointed at you, but at the style. Anyway, sorry for making it sound so bad, I should’ve kept quiet. -_- I don’t want to call you lazy or blame you in any other way because you do awesome job, and you do it voluntarily too, and I overreacted so please, if you can delete my earlier comment from the site and your memory, please do.

    • your opinion is just that and you had your reasons, so don’t feel bad. I say things that can come out kinda harsh too when I don’t mean it (mine’s more to the awful look of icons that people seem to adore these days that i loathe).

      But I think a lot of people also don’t realize that sometimes the raws aren’t black to start with too. It’s a learning process for everyone and we can’t please everyone :)

  13. I like the new version better :)

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